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"I often hear how organising a wedding or special occasion can be stressful.

My aim is to ensure that having your Cake Topper made is the exact opposite.

If your query isn't listed below, please do not hesitate to contact me."

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I don’t know what I/my partner will be wearing yet.  Is this a problem?
No.  While I will need to know what you would like included on your topper well in advance of your booking date (e.g. number of figures, ages of children, type and number of pets/props) finer details of clothes are not required until 7 days before your booking date.

Please Note:
Advance details are required to enable me to book enough time to complete your topper.
I am often booked up several months in advance.  Any delay in receiving details required to start a topper on it’s scheduled booking date is likely to impact on my other customers. I therefore politely request, that all required information is provided on time.  Failure to meet these requirements may lead to the cancellation of your booking and the loss of any monies paid.


How long will it take to make my topper?
A standard Bride and Groom takes a minimum of 3 days to make. Toppers requiring more intricate detail, additional figures, pets and props will extend this time.


How will you make my topper?
All of my figurines are unique and completely handmade from scratch.  Absolutely no moulds are used in this process.  It’s all me!

I’ve received confirmation of my booking.   What happens now?
On receipt of a confirmed booking I will ask you to supply as much detail as possible, to enable me to craft a topper unique to you. 
These details can be provided in the form of a detailed description or photographs, but (more commonly) are received as a combination of both.
















There are some props that cannot be made from polymer clay (eg. wine glasses) and these are purchased to order for adding to the finished topper.

What will my topper be made from?
All Toppers are crafted from polymer clay.  This material conforms to European Standard EN 71 part 5
I work with a variety of Polymer clays, but predominantly Fimo and Sculpey.


Are your toppers edible?
No, absolutely not.  Polymer clay is a plasticised material and not, in any way, intended for human consumption.
Unlike sugar figures they will never go mouldy or deteriorate over time. 


Are your toppers suitable for children?
No.  My products are not toys.  They are ornaments and not intended for children.  My products often contain small parts that could pose a risk of choking in children under 3.  Older children should also be supervised when handling my products and it is strongly advised they are kept out of reach. 
Feats of Clay accepts no responsibility in this regard whatsoever.  Safe storage of these items is entirely the responsibility of the purchaser.

How big will my topper be?
My figures are approximately 5-6 inches tall
The base diameter measures approximately 4 to 4.5 inches for a Bride and Groom and/or the addition of a small prop or a pet. This may increase slightly with the addition of extra figures, props or pets.
How much will my topper weigh?
The average weight for a personalised bride and groom wedding cake topper is approximately 280 Grams.

This weight will differ with the addition of props, extra figures/pets etc...

Is there a cost for adding letters and numbers to my topper’s base? 
No.  Names and/or dates (if required) are added at no additional cost.
Additional embellishments may include seed pearls, beads and silver/gold coloured wire at no additional charge.