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Featured Bride & Groom

Sarah-Jane Shorter Polymer Clay Artist

"I am really fortunate to work for so many lovely people.  I've also been asked to make all sorts of Probably the best compliment I ever receive is when someone I have worked for before, contacts me again, asking for another topper.

Jay and Mike got married in 2018 and wanted the topper for their wedding cake to depict them in their work attire. 


I really enjoyed working with Jay and we were both pleased with the end result.  Little

did I know that this was just the warm up!

When I received the photos from

the wedding day I was really taken aback. Not were they absolutely stunning, I wondered if I could replicate so much detail -

and that was just Mike's outfit. :)

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This topper required even more work than my usual commissions but, after 4 solid days, it was done.

Now for the test...what did Jay think?

I emailed her some photos of the topper and waited...

...precisely, 2 minutes and 12 seconds!

THIS is why I love my job and I feel so privileged to do what I do. 

I would like to sincerely thank Jay & Mike for allowing me to feature their wedding and for being an absolute pleasure to work with. 

I wish you all the luck and happiness in the world." x


Jay was overwhelmed with her topper and I was overwhelmed with her response.

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