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At the centre of a celebration is the cake...

...be it a Wedding, Christening, Birthday or Anniversary - beautifully decorated and often incorporating a fondant decoration.


After a few photographs and fleeting moments of admiration, the cake is gone with the figurine stored away in a sealed container.


Feats of Clay offers a more permanent alternative, with all figurines made from polymer clay; a non-perishable, non-toxic and inedible material.


Flowers, dresses and other clothing can all be made to resemble those worn by the Happy Couple, Birthday Boy/Girl etc - there is no mistaking whose day it is!


But why stop there, when you can add something to make it even more special? A hobby, interest or passion? A beloved, family pet?  

Wedding Cake Topper with Bride, Groom & Puppies
Rugby Player Birthday Cake Topper
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I feel extremely fortunate to do something I thoroughly enjoy for a living.


An afternoon spent messing about with some polymer clay that my children received for Christmas (many years ago) sparked my imagination and uncovered a creative side I didn't know existed!   My hobby became my love and then my very own business.


All of the same care, attention to detail and love that went into my earliest creations go into everything I make.  Knowing that what I do makes a contribution to so many happy events gives me enormous satisfaction.

With more than 1,500 delighted customers, since 2007, you can be assured of a quality of work

and customer service that is second to none.

You wouldn't expect anything less and neither would I.

Sarah-Jane x

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