On receipt of a confirmed booking I ask the client to supply as much detail as possible so that I am able to craft a topper unique to them. This can be a detailed description, photographs, or a combination of the two.


*Please note, the wedding details aren't required until the weekend prior to the booking date.


The creative process takes anywhere from three days to craft a bride and groom to a week to include extra figures, pets, props etc..

All toppers are unique, no molds are used in the process.


Toppers are crafted from non-toxic polymer clay and stand approximately 5 to 6 inches in height.


The base diameter measures approximately 4 inches in diameter for a bride and groom and/or the addition of a small prop or a pet.

This may increase slightly with the addition of extra figures, props or pets.


The average weight for a personalised bride and groom wedding cake topper is approximately 280 Grammes. This weight will differ very slightly with the addition of props, extra figures/pets etc...


Names and/or date (if required) are added at no additional cost.


I work with a variety of Polymer clays. Fimo and Sculpey being the most popular choice.


Additional embellishments may include seed pearls, beads and silver and gold wire at no additional charge.


They are NOT edible & unlike sugar figures will never go mouldy or deteriorate over time. Fired Polymer Clay is non toxic & conforms to ASTM D-4236 Art & Creative Materials Institute, (ACMI)

Feats Of Clay

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